How Silverback Cantsbee Mystery Was solved

Up to date, the fate of the elderly mountain gorilla in the Republic of Rwanda called Cantsbee seems not to be solved. This legendary silverback got lost from his group during the late February. This was after he had shown serious signs of weakness which were well noticed by one of the staff of the Founder of Dian Fossey. Following a few days ago that is on May 12, 2017, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund trackers spotted a partially decomposed body of Cantsbee the male silverback. Due to the advanced decomposition of the body, the identification was not simple though it was clearly the size and the shape of the big silverback. At the spot where the body of Cantsbee was found, the teeth was earlier taken by the doctors from Dian Fossey Foundation.

According to the doctor, there was the advance decomposition of the body was not simple. The teeth which were taken were the incisor teeth and these were clearly visible in the photo. They presented the characteristic patterns of wear. These were all perfect match between the photo of Cantsbee teeth which were found in the carcass.

Silverback Cantsbee mystery was solved by the Fossey Fund staff who saw the carcass. The body was found in the area where Cantsbee was last seen in the area before. To many people, the disappearance of Cantsbee in February had not the first time this gorilla has disappeared from the group. It had happened on several occasions foristance on October last year; Cantsbee went on missing from this very group. To many people, this has been due to advancement in his age. To many people, they presume that Cantsbee would have died before the May 12, 2017. Cantsbee finally appeared to his group in January though it was shocking news. On his appearance, he looked very healthy at a time of his reappearance then after he start showing signs of illness where he started slowing down steadily. He started moving less and the feeding also started slowing where she was not eating much. The day reached when she was abandoned in his group

Cantsbee was the last of the leading silverbacks which was originally studied by Dian Fossey. He went on to create a historic legacy. During his life span, he led the largest group of gorillas which had ever been observed within the Republic of Rwanda. The longevity and success of Cantbee is credit not only his own unique strength but also to the daily protection and monitoring which was provided by Fossey Fund’s trackers.

In nutshell, Cantsbee lived the longest and most successful life of any of the mountain gorilla could ever live. Because of this therefore, his legacy will continue for every longtime. It will be remembered as a powerful and confident silverback. By the time of the Cantbee disappearance, he was thirty eight (38) years old. Therefore, Cantsbee had already passed the life expectance for a mountain gorilla. At his birth, he was first seen by Dian Fossey.

This silverback had been observed during its lifespan by tourists taking gorilla safaris in Rwanda as well as researchers who succeeded Dian Fossey. This mountain gorilla broken a lot of records during his life span which include leading the largest group of the gorillas which have ever been observed and remaining dominant for the longest reign ever recorded. Silverback Cantsbee is was most known for his unique personality and behaviors. He had very strong relationships with other mountain gorillas and he was given respect by other gorilla groups. The respect given was in form of leadership. Luck enough, the genes and influence of Cantbee will be felt for quite a long period of time.

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