Information about Rwanda gorillas – learn about the mountain gorillas, Dian Fossey and her works, conservation and how you can help protect these great apes.

Rwanda “the land of thousands of hills” is a country full of gently sloping hills covering nearly the entire landscape of the country. It is a nature center, blessed with several tourist attractions and activities such as; natural wildlife attractions in the major national parks and some man made attractions. Rwanda, currently is among the leading world tourist destinations in east and central Africa and a must visit when on the African side.

Despite all that, Rwanda once suffered great losses due to the drastic outbreak of 1994 genocide (that claimed lots of lives and property). This was a civil war between the Hutu and Tutsi of Rwanda following the death of President Juvenal Habyarimana in Kigali. This did not only claim lives but also property as well as wildlife destruction like around The Akagera whose lands were reduced for the settlement of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide victims who needed home and farming land. It is no doubt that several wildlife were destroyed nearing their extinction such as the lions, mountain gorillas among others. In a few cases, some victims fled to the neighboring countries of Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania and The Democratic Republic of Congo formerly known as Congo.

Throughout the previous decades, Rwanda has been in the struggles of its reinforcement through its government and other foreign aids and support provided. Among the struggles, there was one for the conservation and preservation of wild life, attainment and maintenance of peace in the country as well as the country’s economic development. This has been a great success, because Rwanda is one of the most developed African countries and a very clean state suitable for all sorts of visitors,. To top it up, she has been able to reestablish its national parks such as the Akagera National Park, Volcanoes National Park- seen through the endless campaigns by The Rwanda Development Board for the conservation and protection of mountain gorillas and wildlife at large.   Therefore Rwanda, has been able to regain its peace and image which has named it as one of the world’s greatest travellers’ destinations and in the best tourist center in the East of Africa.

The Beautiful Landscapes

Rwanda is indeed a home to thousands of hills as it is entirely covered by gently rolling slopes / hills throughout its country side with many cultivated with large plantations of coffee, tea among others. These can be best viewed even around Kigali during the drive from the airport to the city for example. This drive can see you through the mountainous county sides of Rwanda driving around the winding roads through her communities enjoying the beautiful scenery of the country. The road network in Rwanda is so well developed and no need to worry about the bumpy and dusty routes for it’s one of the most clean African countries with very clean roads and city. It is such a peaceful place with very peaceful and very friendly locals that receive you warmly in their mother land. While in Rwanda, be ready to enjoy the beautiful scenery in different colours and textures of the green vegetation and plantations on the rolling slopes. It’s very rewarding viewing the green hill sides of Rwanda and here you see the beauty of the country.

Gorilla Safaris in Rwanda

Rwanda gorilla safaris and tours are carried out in Parc Nationale des Volcans (PNV) also known as Volcanoes National park. PNV is the best gorilla safari destination, a favorite place for short gorilla treks in Rwanda. The park is found in the Virunga mountain ranges bordering Uganda and DRC and it is very captivating for gorilla trekking in Rwanda.

Mountain gorilla tracking is the major tourist attraction in Rwanda and very many travelers whole over the world leave their beautiful offices and home and come to this small country to spend at least 1-2 days in the wild with these giant apes. This has made the government of Rwanda to generate a lot of revenue to the government due to a number of travelers who jet in to this small country to see these giant apes in their national habitat. Over 80% of travelers to Rwanda go gorilla tracking making it the most done adventurous activity in the country. Dian Fossy can’t be forgotten in making Rwanda very popular for gorilla tracking.