Affordable Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safaris

Travel to Rwanda for an affordable Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris which is offered by Eco Tours Rwanda a moderate tour company which does not discriminate in colour of clients and does not even focus on the class of the client.

Our services range from luxury, moderate and budget clients hence giving the opportunity to whoever feels it’s necessary to take a safari especially gorilla trekking though we provide all kinds of safaris in Rwanda.

A gorilla permit of 750US dollars is paid advance for the proper preparation of the safari. Once this is cleared, you are assured of such a memorable safari you can ever think of. Then start preparing what you may need for the safari. You are recommended to prepare long sleeved shirts and long pants because mountain gorilla tracking is done in the forest with a lot of plant vegetation some of which cause skin irritation when in contact. Carrying a raincoat or water proof pant can never be a bad idea because rainfall in volcanoes national park is highly unpredictable.

On arrival, you are taken to a luxury, moderate or budget lodge as you may wish depending on your budget for rest in order to catch up for the early morning safari that starts with breakfast at the lodge . When heading for a gorilla safari in Rwanda first gather at volcanoes national park headquarters in Kinigi where you are briefed, allocated to the mountain gorilla family you will be tracking and to the guide who will be leading you in this great wildlife expedition. Tracking gorillas starts in the morning and ranges from 1 to 8 hours of hiking depending on the movement of the gorillas and the luck of the tourists. The one hour you stay with the gorillas gives you an everlasting memory.

Visiting Rwanda for gorilla tracking can be done all year round. The best time to travel to Rwanda is during the drier seasons, periods between December to early March and June to September. December to March is a long dry season for Rwanda, with temperatures going up to 29 degrees Celsius for some days while the months of March – Mid May, July to September, on the other hand, are regarded as the rainy in the country.

Overall Rwanda has a good weather throughout the year but the dry season is more preferable. The weather is generally good in addition wildlife viewing is also more common during this time. For tourists interested in visiting gorillas – this is also the best time for gorilla tours since there is a minimal chance of rain during the trek and a good hiking terrain in the rain forest. We still suggest your waterproof clothing even during these drier months, as this Equatorial climate is very unpredictable.